How to Make a Birch Wood Reindeer

During the Christmas season, we love seeing reindeer because they are happy reminders that Santa is on his way. And adding reindeer motifs to your holiday decorating is a stylish way to get into the spirit. These reindeer made from birch wood branches and twigs are easy to create with just a few simple tools. Besides looking festive when displayed on a mantel or a tree, they also make great gifts. So don’t be surprised if after seeing your handiwork, Santa offers you a job in his workshop.

source: By Jonathan Fong (eHow)

5 Homemade Products to Freshen Up Your Laundry Routine

Store-bought products clean your clothes, but they may not always be kind to your skin. The chemicals found in many name brands can spur irritations or bring on allergies, and that can be much more infuriating than a clumsy stain on a favorite shirt. Thankfully, those with sensitive skin — or anyone who prefers peace of mind — can tackle this chore with a collection of simple homemade products. Here are five straightforward concoctions that you should keep in your laundry room, most of which only have a handful of ingredients, so that you can wear a fresh wardrobe without any lingering concerns.

source: By Christina Nicole (eHow)

Add a Favicon.ico to Your Site

What is a favicon.ico?

A favicon.ico, also known as a favicon, is a small image file that represents a website, much like a logo. The most important thing to remember is that it will be displayed alongside your website’s name in a user’s favorites menu (this includes “bookmarks” in other browsers). It is also usually displayed in the tab title (if the browser supports tabs) while surfing your site. In some browsers, it is displayed in the URL or location bar, too.

source: 11articles

2017 Lincoln Continental

What’s New for 2017?

In a word: everything. Although Lincoln teased us with the all-new Continental in concept form starting back in 2015, the production version needed two years to appear on dealer lots. It’s not as deluxe as the Continental Concept show car displayed at auto shows, but this four-door has many of the qualities that buyers of luxury cars desire.

source: caranddriver